New Silica Dust Exposure Levels a Step in the Right Direction

New Silica Dust Exposure Levels a Step in the Right Direction

The New South Wales Government has, this month, supported a recommendation from Safe Work Australia to halve the acceptable level of exposure to workers of silica dust from 0.1 to 0.05mg/m³.

The Government will also support ongoing research by Safe Work Australia into whether a further lowering of the exposure level to 0.02mg/m³ is achievable.

To help businesses adhere to the new standard and protect workers, the Government is also doubling the existing $500 equipment rebate to $1000 for eligible businesses.

Silica dust is a by-product created when products made using crystalline silica – like manufactured stone, bricks and concrete – is cut, sanded, drilled into or otherwise disturbed in some form.

The dust, much like asbestos, is harmful to a person’s health when inhaled and exposure can lead to contracting silicosis.

Silicosis is a scarring of the lung tissue caused by the presence of dust particles. As the condition worsens, symptoms will move from a coughs and chest pains to a person having trouble eating, sleeping or simply walking up a flight of stairs due to decreased lung health.

The condition also increases your chance of contracting other breathing-related illnesses like tuberculosis, emphysema and lung cancer.

The best way for people to reduce their risk of contracting silicosis through exposure to silica dust is to undertake training in working safely with manufactured stone, concrete, bricks and other substances made of silica.

Height Safety Engineers offers a range of training courses in working safely with hazardous materials including asbestos and silica dust. Details can be found at

Contact our expert training team on 1300 884 978 or email to ensure you get best practice skills to stay safe at work.

Go Inside Height Safety Engineers

Go Inside Height Safety Engineers

Explore Height Safety Engineers’s Ingleburn training centre with this amazing video.

Height Safety Engineers moved into its brand new headquarters in early 2019 and since then has been building it out into a state of art training centre and fabrication workshop.

We provide industry-leading safety training across a broad scope of nationally accredited (RTO 91227) courses utilising our world-class practical training equipment. In our training centre we can simulate confined space, telecommunications towers, sloped and flat roofs, accessing high areas, technical rope rescue, working with asbestos and more.

Our design and fabrication teams can plan and construct bespoke walkways and platforms that work in conjunction with the best anchor points and fall arrest systems we source only from trusted suppliers. Our design and installation teams ensure that every roof access and height safety system we install is best practice, made perfect every time.

Learn more about how Height Safety Engineers can help you at

Get in touch with our expert team by calling 1300 884 978 or emailing to discuss your height safety or safety training needs.

Height Safety Engineers is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91227) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Explore Our Flagship Training Centre in Video

Explore Our Flagship Training Centre in Video

Take a video tour of Height Safety Engineers’s flagship Sydney training facility.

Height Safety Engineers prides itself on the flagship training facility located at its headquarters in the Sydney suburb of Ingleburn.
This new, state of the art training facility offers:

  • Three air-conditioned training rooms featuring the latest in-class technology.
  • World-class practical training facility capable of simulating confined spaces, telecommunications towers, sloped and flat roofs, accessing high areas, technical rope rescue and more.
  • Ability to contextualise training to your specific requirements or site circumstances.
  • On-site parking.


We recently put together a video to take you inside our Ingleburn training centre and show off what makes Height Safety Engineers your best choice for training in height safety, confined space, first aid, forklift licencing, high risk work, fire warden and much, much more.

Height Safety Engineers can also bring our high quality training to your site with our mobile simulation trailers.
Learn more about Height Safety Engineers’s training servives at or download a copy of our training brochure (PDF) to explore all the training courses we currently have on scope.
Call our friendly staff on 1300 884 978 or email to discuss your training needs today!
Height Safety Engineers is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91227) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Training Course Dates October | Public Courses

Training Course Dates October | Public Courses

October training course dates are filling fast across Height Safety Engineers’s range of safety training courses.

Explore all the public training courses Height Safety Engineers will be holding across October 2019.

Courses will be run out of our flagship training facility in Ingleburn and our state of the art Melbourne training centre in Tullamarine.

Height Safety Engineers offer a range of training courses across many disciplines including height safety, confined space, asbestos safety, first aid, forklift licencing and more.

Call our friendly staff on 1300 884 978 or email today to secure your spot today and increase your safety skills.

Public Training Courses

Asbestos Safety Training Courses

Gain nationally-recognised qualifications in 10675NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness and 10559NAT Course in Working Safely With Asbestos Containing Materials. Book both courses and receive a $75 discount on course fees.

Confined Space Training Courses

If you work in and around confined space our two-day training course is a must. Learn about the personal protective equipment and best work practices you need to stay safe. This course is available in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Low Voltage Rescue and CPR Training Course

Learn how to rescue someone trapped in a live, low-voltage apparatus and perform CPR until additional medical support arrives. This half-day course covers everything you need to know to safely perform a rescue involving live electricity.

First Aid and CPR Training Course

Looking to increase your responsibility at work by becoming a first aid officer? This is the course for you. Learn first aid skills to help respond to cuts, wounds, burns, eye injuries, bleeding, fractures and more.

Fire Warden Training Course

Discover the safe way to use portable fire extinguishers, hoses and blankets. Learn how to respond to a fire emergency in your workplace, take appropriate action, raise the alarm and ensure that everyone is safely evacuated.

Work Safely at Heights Training Courses

Working on any roof is a dangerous activity. RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights is our premiere training course and an absolute must for anyone that works on a roof or other raised areas. Discover the required PPE, safe work procedures and more!

Forklift Operating Licence Course

Perfect for those working in a warehouse and will be required to use a forklift. TLILIC003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck is a nationally recognised training course held over three days at our Ingleburn training facility.

Operate Elevating Work Platform (under 11m) Training Course

Learn how to safely operate a boom-type elevating work platform (under 11m) with this full-day training course. Our experienced instructors will teach you about planning work, routine maintenance checks, and safe operating procedures.

Full Range of Courses

Height Safety Engineers offers a wide-range of training courses beyond the publicly available courses listed here.

You can see our full scope of training courses in our Training Course Catalogue (PDF) covering a variety of technical rescue, telecommunications services, breathing apparatus, advanced first aid and many, many more. These courses are designed to be run in small groups, in the context of your site and industry.

Our training courses can be run out of our state of the art training facilities in Sydney or Melbourne or anywhere you need with our mobile simulation trailers. Discover more at

Call Height Safety Engineers on 1300 884 978 or email to discuss your training needs and book your training course now.

Height Safety Engineers is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91227) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

Height Safety Engineers Training

Nationally Recognised Training RTO Number 91227


   Australia's Premier Training Facility is

   moving to our new “Centre of Excellence”

   4 Austool Place, Ingleburn in April  2019


  • 3 x Airconditioned Training Rooms
  • World class practical training facility
  • Course contextualisation to suit your requirements
  • Site parking  available
  • Safety, Rescue and High Risk training available
  • On site and off site training available


Killed by a Cuddle – Tragic Asbestos Death Story

Killed by a Cuddle – Tragic Asbestos Death Story


This tragic story about Annette Bhatti appeared across news networks across the globe in 2012. We have re-published it here as a timely reminder of the silent danger asbestos poses to so many.

As a child Annette Bhatti used to welcome her dad home from work with a cuddle each night, like millions of youngsters around the world.

Neither of them knew that the loving hug would end up killing her as his clothes were caked in asbestos picked up from the shipyards he worked in.

An inquest heard ­devastated dad Lawrence Ramplee blames himself for the death of his 49-year-old daughter, even though the dangers of the dust were not known about in those days.

Mum-of-two Annette died of mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos from birth to the age of 18 when she left home.

She also helped her mum wash Lawrence’s work clothes after he had been cutting up 10ft corrugated asbestos sheets by hand.

Recording a verdict of death due to industrial disease Coroner Keith Wiseman said: “Tragically, Mr Ramplee recalls giving his daughter a hug when he got home before he changed.

“She was exposed to dust fibres from a young age.”

Annette, of Southampton, was diagnosed with the cancer in June 2010, a month before she married long-term partner Bal Bhatti.

She lost her fight for survival last December.

Lawrence, now a pensioner, worked in shipyards from the mid-50s.

Annette’s brother Stuart said after the Southampton inquest: “He blames himself. He is broken, totally devastated.”


Asbestos Awareness Training Course Sydney


Will you go home alive today?

Will you go home alive today?

So far this year 103 Australian workers have been killed while at work.1

That’s nearly three lives per week ! Ended…

So many of these deaths were preventable with correct training and correct safety systems in place.

Don’t become a statistic ! Book a training course today.

Height Safety Engineers Launches NEW Website!

Height Safety Engineers Launches NEW Website!

HSE is very excited to announce the launch of its new website. Designed to enhance your experience we have included great new features;

  • Easy News Letter Signup – Don’t miss out on industry critical updates including changes to legislation, as well as specials and new service updates.
  • Mobile Friendly – Super Easy to find information, regardless of what device you are using.
  • More Content – We have re-written out content to make it easier to find and easier to understand.
  • Online Booking! (Coming soon) – We are testing our online booking system and plan to launch it online very soon! Book and Schedule your training online…hassle free!

The team at Height Safety Engineers takes your safety seriously, and making sure that our website is easy to use and provides valuable information is one way we can better our service to keep you safe. As Always we value your feedback and would love to hear from you…anytime:  1300 884 978  Contact Us