Company Overview

Height Safety Engineers is a highly skilled, customer focused organisation with a VISION of being the company of choice for an extensive range of Height Safety & Confined Space services and National Registered training that will help our customers be more efficient and profitable.

By anticipating and exceeding our customers’ short- and long-term requirements, we expect to achieve best industry practice in our selected fields.

Business Summary

Height Safety Engineers is suitably qualified and experienced to provide all Height Safety & Confined Space services to the satisfaction of our Clients. We guarantee the quality, performance and safety of our systems, and we are confident they will withstand the scrutiny of any third-party audit to be undertaken.

Height Safety Engineers was selected to be a self-regulated Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and currently has numerous industry specific and technical training courses on its scope.

Our strategy is to remain the market leader in the height safety industry. We aim to maintain this position as market leader by continuing to guarantee quality, performance and safety of all our systems, professional advice and training. Height Safety Engineers continually seeks new ways of doing business. This spirit of innovation advances the Company's capabilities and differentiates us from our competitors.