Jan 2017 PRESS RELEASE – Height Safety Health Check

Jan 2017 PRESS RELEASE – Height Safety Health Check

Height Safety Engineers is excited to launch the “Fall Prevention & Rescue Health Check” service.

The first of its’ “Improve In 2017” product series, this health check service will be one of the keys to driving positive change in the Height Safety Industry

As part of its commitment to driving change in the height safety industry Height Safety Engineers has released the first of its #ImproveIn2017 series of service offerings; the Fall Prevention & Rescue Health Check.


Unseen before in the industry, this “health check” service allows clients to maintain functional compliance of fall prevention and rescue systems including the supplementary systems (such as admin and training). The health check highlights potential compliance deficiencies in existing systems and introduces a scoring system that allows clients to address the most critical areas of risk first.


Height Safety Engineers CEO Phil Noble said he is excited to bring this product to market;


“We are thrilled to lead positive change and look forward to the support of the industry to promote services such as this health check”


When asked what are the key benefits of the health check Phil said;


“The Health Check service mitigates risks, improves efficiency of systems, and minimises potential legal exposure in the case of a safety incident”


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Download PDF version of this press release here: HealthCheck Press Release Jan 2017