Twin Rope Access Training Course

Twin Rope Access Training Course - Height Safety Engineers

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Name  Industrial Twin Rope Access Training
Duration  5 Days
Inclusions Morning Tea & Lunch
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Industrial Twin Rope Access Training Course with Height Safety Engineers

Height Safety Engineers training facility offers full ARAA assessment and qualification. Level 1, 2 and 3 training courses are available. This training course is fun, challenging and strenuous. All necessary equipment supplied for duration of the training course.Come and join our friendly and engaging trainers and complete your twin rope access training course in our world class training facility in NSW.

Work Safely at Heights - Free LunchIndustrial Rope Access Training AS4488 is designed to provide workers with the knowledge and skills to perform work while suspended in a vertical environment. Training covers

  • Risk Assessment Procedures
  • Installation of Anchor Systems
  • Abseiling Skills
  • Rope Ascending Techniques
  • Work Methods
  • Mobility at Height
  • Rescue Procedures
  • Free Morning Tea & Lunch
  • Free Tea & Coffee All Day

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Who Should attend the Twin Rope Access Training Course

This four day course with a fifth day for assessments is suitable for any worker/company who will be required to conduct work such as maintenance or inspection whilst fully suspended at height. Typical work scenarios are:

  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Painting or Maintenance
  • Sign Installation
  • Work on Bridges, Power Stations, Mines, Cliffs, Oil Rigs, etc…

Learning Outcomes of the Twin Rope Access Training

  • Australian Standards
  • Rigging solid and reliable anchor systems to AS4488 requirements
  • Equipment selection and correct use
  • Descending skills using twin rope techniques
  • Ascending skills using twin rope techniques
  • Rope management
  • Loop traverses
  • Using Bosun’s chairs (to avoid suspension trauma)
  • Diversion systems to redirect rope trajectories
  • Handling of work tools and equipment during rope access
  • Performing work tasks while supported by a rope suspension system

Competencies Achieved in the Twin Rope Access Training Course Regulations and legislation

Certification of Training.  Students who are deemed competent will receive an industry qualification from ARAA (Australian Rope Access Association) at level 1, 2 or 3 mapped against AS4488.

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