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Name Asbestos Awareness
Code 10675NAT
Duration 4 hrs
Inclusions Morning Tea
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Course in Asbestos Awareness – 10675NAT

In June 2014, the ACT Government announced new laws mandating asbestos awareness training for workers an employer reasonably believes will work with asbestos or ACM while at work.
The regulation [section 445 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation] mandates this training for all construction occupations
The regulation mandates a specific training course – the VET  Asbestos Awareness Training Course [10675NAT]. From 1 July 2014 only training in this course will meet the requirements of the regulation

Nationally Recognised Training by Height Safety Engineers


Course in Asbestos Awareness brought to you.

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Who Should attend the Asbestos Awareness Training Course

This training session is required by Law in the ACT, for all workers who the PCBU [a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking, e.g. an employer] reasonably believes will work with asbestos or asbestos containing material. The training applies not only to supervisors but to everyone from apprentices up. It applies not just to builders but to the broadest range of people working on homes and property, including cleaners, architects, plumbers, labourers, landscapers, engineers, fencers, glaziers, locksmiths and professional handymen.

Learning Outcomes of the Asbestos Awareness Training Course

  • On completion of this module learners should be able to:
  • Describe the different types of asbestos.
  • Identify asbestos containing materials.
  • Identify the likely locations for asbestos
  • Identify asbestos related hazards.
  • Identify relevant safety procedures
  • Understand the process of an Asbestos Removal Plan
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for reporting asbestos

Competencies Achieved in the Asbestos Awareness Training Course

  • 10675NAT Statement of Attainment
  • This course is Nationally Accredited and the resultant Certificate issued to each participant is nationally recognised.

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