HSE is proud to offer services which take audits and reports to a new and redefined level.

Height Safety Engineers often encounters hurdles whilst providing technical safety systems advice. One particularly notable challenge is the compliance of an existing Height Safety System with current legislation and standards. HSE is now offering technical and user friendly reports to arm our valued clients with information – it is our hope that detailed legislative and best practice references will improve the standards of installation across the board. Our technicians are ready to help you overcome the information gap and mitigate risk at your workplace.





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A Health check is comprised of five key services:

1) A site visit

2) A Current Compliance Scorecard (CCS)

3) A Rapid Action Plan (RAP)

4) A Detailed Report including all paper-based WHS systems and all installed height safety systems.

5) A scope of works for recommended upgrades

Health Check Brochure

RFVS Brochure

Unfortunately, with Height Safety Systems being out of sight and out of mind; builders, owners, strata managers, etc—blindly hand over payment for systems and works that may be defective. It is not until a mandatory inspection or (even worse) an incident/injury eventuates that they realize their system was not compliant.