We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

Height Safety Engineers Training

Nationally Recognised Training RTO Number 91227


   Australia's Premier Training Facility is

   moving to our new “Centre of Excellence”

   4 Austool Place, Ingleburn in April  2019


  • 3 x Airconditioned Training Rooms
  • World class practical training facility
  • Course contextualisation to suit your requirements
  • Site parking  available
  • Safety, Rescue and High Risk training available
  • On site and off site training available


Jan 2017 PRESS RELEASE – Height Safety Health Check

Jan 2017 PRESS RELEASE – Height Safety Health Check

Height Safety Engineers is excited to launch the “Fall Prevention & Rescue Health Check” service.

The first of its’ “Improve In 2017” product series, this health check service will be one of the keys to driving positive change in the Height Safety Industry

As part of its commitment to driving change in the height safety industry Height Safety Engineers has released the first of its #ImproveIn2017 series of service offerings; the Fall Prevention & Rescue Health Check.


Unseen before in the industry, this “health check” service allows clients to maintain functional compliance of fall prevention and rescue systems including the supplementary systems (such as admin and training). The health check highlights potential compliance deficiencies in existing systems and introduces a scoring system that allows clients to address the most critical areas of risk first.


Height Safety Engineers CEO Phil Noble said he is excited to bring this product to market;


“We are thrilled to lead positive change and look forward to the support of the industry to promote services such as this health check”


When asked what are the key benefits of the health check Phil said;


“The Health Check service mitigates risks, improves efficiency of systems, and minimises potential legal exposure in the case of a safety incident”


For more information on the Fall Prevention & Rescue health Check, 

to get in touch or call 1300 884 978

Download PDF version of this press release here: HealthCheck Press Release Jan 2017

Financial Support for Asbestos Affected Homeowners in NSW

Financial Support for Asbestos Affected Homeowners in NSW

NSW Fair Trading will Provide financial assistance and support to asbestos affected homeowners and tenants, but you must register by August 1, 2016 . More information below.

Don’t lose the value of your home to loose-fill asbestos!

The NSW government is considering its options to protect the community from unknowingly purchasing a property that contains loose-fill asbestos.

The NSW Government is providing free sample testing to owners of pre-1980s residential premises in 28 identified NSW local government areas.

Free home testing is available to owners of pre-1980s residential premises in the following 28 Local Government Areas in NSW:

  • Albury City Council
  • Bankstown City Council
  • Bega Valley Shire Council
  • Berrigan Shire Council
  • Bombala Council
  • Boorowa Council
  • Cooma Monaro Shire Council
  • Eurobodalla Shire Council
  • Goulburn Mulwaree Council
  • Greater Hume Shire Council
  • Hornsby Shire Council
  • Ku-ring-gai Shire Council
  • Lithgow City Council
  • Manly Council
  • Narrandera Shire Council
  • North Sydney Council
  • Orange City Council
  • Palerang Council
  • Parramatta City Council
  • Queanbeyan City Council
  • Snowy River Shire Council
  • The Hills Shire Council
  • Tumbarumba Council
  • Upper Lachlan Shire Council
  • Wagga Wagga City Council
  • Warringah Council
  • Yass Valley Shire Council
  • Young Shire Council

For more information see the fair trading information page here: http://fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/Tenants_and_home_owners/Loose_fill_asbestos_insulation.page

One New Mesothelioma Diagnosis every 38 hours…till 2100

One New Mesothelioma Diagnosis every 38 hours…till 2100

A report by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) projects that there will be 19,400+ new cases of mesothelioma in Australia before the turn of the century

mesothelioma (noun): a cancer of mesothelial tissue (lungs), associated especially with exposure to asbestos.

The report Estimates:

  • 58 percent of new mesothelioma diagnoses will be attributed to industrial exposures
  • 42 percent of new mesothelioma diagnoses will come from from third wave exposures

Third wave exposure means exposure from sources other than mining and manufacturing of asbestos, including through home renovation and environmental exposure.

Let’s do some maths

Turn of the Century is in 84 years , it is estimated there will be at least 19,400 new cases of mesothelioma in that time.

19,400 ÷ 84 = 231 mesothelioma diagnoses per year

There is 8760 hours in a year

8760 ÷ 231 = 1 new mesothelioma diagnoses every 37.9 hours

Remember these figures are just for Australia…

Mesothelioma is an unfair and devastating disease, not just for those who have been diagnosed, but also their family, friends and the community. Symptoms do not show up for a very long time after exposure. Peter Tighe ASEA Chief

Who is at risk? Anyone who has the potential to be exposed to asbestos. And unless you live in a hermetically sealed environment that has been asbestos decontaminated, that “anyone” includes you.

Asbestos is very often airborne and as such we are all at risk, the key to protecting ourselves is being aware.

Persons considered to be at higher risk include:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Plasterboard workers
  • Builders
  • Painters
  • Home Owners engaged in Renovation (particularly on homes built prior to approx. 1985)
  • Anyone living/working in a structure that was built prior to approx. 1985

Asbestos Awareness Training is readily available, get yours now and stay safe.

You can read a copy of the ASEA report here


I brought my Sons some crayons

I brought my Sons some crayons

As far as parenting goes, I am the first to admit that my strategies are pretty poor. With my eldest son approaching the age of 5 in a few short days I spent some time last night reflecting over the (few) successes and (many) failures that I have had as a father. All of them though, were valuable learning for myself, my wife and sometimes the boys themselves. One experience though, one heart stopping moment, has stuck with me, and I am reminded of it almost every day.

We had had a good week, Pierre had done all the right things at preschool that week and as an added bonus toilet training was coming along just fine! As a reward I was to take Pierre to the shops on Saturday and we would choose one or two small toys for Pierre and something similar for his brother Buiron. These treasures would serve as an incentive for further good behavior and also as an occupation for the kids while I attempted to fell the forest that was our back lawn.

Saturday morning came, and Pierre and I spent about 45 minutes wandering around the toy shop at the mall. Pierre had chosen his two toys and had carefully selected one for Buiron, we just had one more item to select (for Buiron) and we were out of there.

On our 27th lap of the toy store a Peppa Pig colouring-in set caught my eye.

Buiron was a huge fan of Peppa Pig, and out of our two children he was the “artistic” one. (By artistic I mean he was the one that coloured on the walls and spread dishwashing liquid on the floor).

Stay with me, this story has a point…

All day that Saturday both the boys played happily with their newly acquired toys, and both of them enjoyed the Peppa Pig colouring set I bought them, my wife even commented on how much they enjoyed it. Maybe I wasn’t such a bad dad after all…

Fast forward to the following Wednesday. I had been at my desk about 90 mins when our training manager walked into our open plan office and announced: “The government has issued a recall/warning on kids crayons in colouring in sets.” (I wasn’t listening fully at this point) “They have found asbestos in some of the crayons…”

I leapt to my feet and turned around, Kevin was standing there with a copy of theACC Statement in his hands, complete with photos of the offending products. My heart sank, there they were, the Peppa Pig crayons that I had purchased. The same crayons my kids had been using just 4 days earlier. Asbestos. I thought…what have done.

I immediately sent a copy of the ACC statement to our home computer and instructed my wife to dispose of the crayons.

On further reading and discussion with our training staff at work I was hugely comforted to find that the risk of any sort of asbestos contamination was extremely low due to the way the crayons were made. But even so…how did such a deadly material find its way into a child’s toy, and then make its way into Australia where asbestos is banned.

Asbestos Kills, Asbestos can be found in many places, Asbestos can’t be ignored.

This time I had dodged a bullet and my children were safe. But it got me thinking…how many Australian mums and dads know the risk? How many of our friends and family have unknowingly been put at risk of inhaling Asbestos?

Since this incident with the crayons I have been pretty passionate about raising awareness about asbestos.

  • You can check out the Asbestos Awareness course here: http://bit.ly/1ZRm4sF
  • To give you some idea of the seriousness of asbestos in Australia, check out our LinkedIn Asbestos Awareness Page . It is updated almost daily with news articles about asbestos contamination, debates, and scares

If you have any questions about asbestos contamination or asbestos training feel free to get in touch.

(PS : We are interested in hearing from anyone who has a story about asbestos.

This is a re-publication of a first hand experience from one of our team here at Height Safety Engineers from LinkedIn

Killed by a Cuddle – Tragic Asbestos Death Story

Killed by a Cuddle – Tragic Asbestos Death Story


This tragic story about Annette Bhatti appeared across news networks across the globe in 2012. We have re-published it here as a timely reminder of the silent danger asbestos poses to so many.

As a child Annette Bhatti used to welcome her dad home from work with a cuddle each night, like millions of youngsters around the world.

Neither of them knew that the loving hug would end up killing her as his clothes were caked in asbestos picked up from the shipyards he worked in.

An inquest heard ­devastated dad Lawrence Ramplee blames himself for the death of his 49-year-old daughter, even though the dangers of the dust were not known about in those days.

Mum-of-two Annette died of mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos from birth to the age of 18 when she left home.

She also helped her mum wash Lawrence’s work clothes after he had been cutting up 10ft corrugated asbestos sheets by hand.

Recording a verdict of death due to industrial disease Coroner Keith Wiseman said: “Tragically, Mr Ramplee recalls giving his daughter a hug when he got home before he changed.

“She was exposed to dust fibres from a young age.”

Annette, of Southampton, was diagnosed with the cancer in June 2010, a month before she married long-term partner Bal Bhatti.

She lost her fight for survival last December.

Lawrence, now a pensioner, worked in shipyards from the mid-50s.

Annette’s brother Stuart said after the Southampton inquest: “He blames himself. He is broken, totally devastated.”


Asbestos Awareness Training Course Sydney


QLD Minister Warns homeowners about Asbestos

QLD Minister Warns homeowners about Asbestos

Homeowners thinking about pre-Christmas home renovations are being warned to arm themselves with information about the risks of inadvertently disturbing asbestos as part of a push to raise community awareness this holiday season.

Read the full media statement here:


Height Safety Engineers takes Asbestos very seriously and we offer a range of accredited courses that will help you deal with asbestos safely.

Our Course in Asbestos Awareness ( 10314NAT) is perfect for anybody and everybody. It is suitable for trades-persons, handymen (and women). A great way to raise awareness about asbestos and safeguard yourself.

For persons who are more likely to work with asbestos, plumbers, electricians, demolition workers, builders etc, the Working with Asbestos (10559NAT) course is a recommended option.

If you are unsure about which course is right for you, call one of our training consultants today 1300 884 978



Two Window Cleaners fall in Sydney CBD

Two Window Cleaners fall in Sydney CBD

BREAKING NEWS: Two window cleaners have fallen from a tower building in Sydney’s CBD. Details are still unclear but suggestions that the trolley they were riding in malfunctioned. The thoughts and well wishes of the Height Safety Engineers Team are with those injured in the incident. More information can be found on the news.com.au website here: http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/cbd-morning-horror-window-cleaners-fall-from-tower-block/story-fnii5s3x-1227575433941

Window Cleaners Fall from Height
Two Window Cleaners fall from Sydney CBD building. Pic Courtesy Channel 10/Twitter
Fall Arrest Anchors Standard Under Review AS/NZS 5532:2013

Fall Arrest Anchors Standard Under Review AS/NZS 5532:2013

The Height Safety industry, both suppliers and clients, have seen a win this month with SafeWork NSW releasing their fact sheet which confirms their position pending the review of the Dysfunctional AS/NZS 5532:2013  standard for fall arrest anchors.

The AS/NZS 5532:2013 Standard was released in October 2013 by Standards Australia in response to the industry push for a revision of standards relating to fall arrest anchors used by workers when accessing roofs, and other height risk areas. The Standard was under developed. It is not technically up to date, does not reflect current practice, is not suitable for new and existing product on the market, and is not compatible with current views and expectations regarding quality safety, and the environment.

All this meant that the Standard essentially ruled out every available (or the most intelligent) product(s) on the market, and the financial cost to clients and companies increased, while ever the dysfunctional standard remained enforceable. A large portion of the Height Safety industry has been in constant contact with Standards Australia urging for a withdrawal or review of this standard. You will see reference to this, including a public forum held in February this year. Finally and at last, we see this month a Fact Sheet released by WorkSafe NSW that begins to acknowledge the systemic issues with AS/NZS 5532:2013.

Key takeaways from the documents:

  • AS/NZS 5532 is a manufacturing standard; it does not address ongoing inspection, testing and maintenance and only addresses installation by way of specifying system design and installation information that is to be supplied with the anchors.
  • AS/NZS 5532:2013 IS under review
  • While AS/NZS 5532:2013 is under review product would be expected to comply with the strength requirements of the well-established AS/NZS 1891.4
  • AS/NZS 5532 is not expected to apply retrospectively to existing installed anchors; AS/NZS 1891.4 would be the relevant standard to apply

You can read the entire fact sheet here: http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au/media/publications/health-and-safety/fall-arrest-anchors

HighStep Climbing System at Height Safety Engineers


Check out the video.This month, Height Safety Engineers installed the first showroom/training HighStep System. The HighStep Climbing System is a revolutionary new climbing system that will change the way we safely access heights.Watch the short video below of the installation day in our training arena.

For more Information on the HighStep Climbing System contact us or call us on 1300 884 978